Klaus Kemp


Klaus Dieter Kemp is a marvellous resource for impeccable quality research mounts

and also for arranged mounts of incredible complexity and genuine artistic merit.

He holds an enormous range of samples from named locations and collectors from which he prepares strew slides to order as well as type slides and selected species mounts.

His type slides greatly ease the burden of naming multiple taxa from a given location and are highly recommended.

His site is worth visiting if only to marvel at the Oamaru 'specials' and his 'Playdiatom' will raise a smile on even the most jaded of visages!


Click on image for this months magazine
Click on image for this months magazine

MICSCAPE is a fantastic online resource for microscopists which publishes a monthly magazine. It also has an archived library of hundreds of articles of direct interest to diatomists and six pages of links to these articles are enclosed. The articles are sorted according to relevance and some articles have other topics as their main focus but refer to diatoms in the text. Others may refer to diatoms only obliquely or in passing. Two articles of significant interest are linked below.


Micscape diatom articles    1-100

Micscape diatom articles 101-200

Micscape diatom articles 201-300

Micscape diatom articles 301-400

Micscape diatom articles 401-500

Micscape diatom articles 501-562


Diatoms and Microscopy - a contrasting combination by René van Wezel

An excellent article discussing techniques for maximising contrast when viewing diatoms.


Notes on imaging Amphipleura pellucida in visible light and the benefit of polar annular lighting by Osamu Oku, Japan

A study where Osamu's Oku discusses the imaging of A. pellucida. The Micscape editor comments that "Later visiting Osamu's website, the images of test diatoms, notably A. pellucida were some of the finest I recall seeing in visible light". 

Bill Dailey


Developer of the essential mounting medium ZRAX and other interesting items.

Professor Dailey is interested in hearing from anyone with experience in cleaning diatoms using bleach - an option to using strong acids and corrosives which is well worth exploring.



Richard Carter


A new website dedicated to the study of diatoms -- their systematics, biogeography, and ecology.