Arm restrainer



Barrel - simple form

First cut 65mm length of 10mm diameter aluminium or brass tube and smooth and polish ends.

Further details in gallery below:-




Barrel - classic lathe model


for turning barrel from 65mm of 10mm stainless rod.

  1. Part off 65mm of rod.
  2. Chuck up and centre drill before drilling 4.5mm hole to depth of 40mm / 45mm.
  3. Reverse rod in chuck and centre drill before drilling 4.0mm hole through.
  4. File and smooth to ensure piston travels extremely smoothly and freely.
  5. Reverse rod again and tap M5 to depth of 25mm.

Drive Screw

  1. Chuck knurled coin, centre drill and tap M5.
  2. Spin coin onto M5 x 25mm A2 cap screw and secure with drop of epoxy.